The undersigned incorporators, all of legal age and a majority of whom are residents of the Philippines, have this day voluntarily agreed to form a non-stock corporation under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.



FIRST: That the name of the said association shall be:
BAGONG LUMAD Artists Foundation, Incorporated.

SECOND: That the purpose or purposes for which such corporation is incorporated are:
1. To contribute to the development of Philippine arts and culture by encouraging, supporting, and facilitating the creation, production and popularization of works of art – whether individual or collective, performing or non-performing – primarily by, but in no way limited to, members of this corporation.

2. To contribute to the dynamism of Philippine arts and culture by favouring works that, in one way or another, combine elements of the old with the new, the traditional with the innovative, and the indigenous with the assimilated in both form and function.

3. To contribute to the effort of nation-building and education by favouring works that promote positive values and critical thinking, that speak in favor of peace and unity, that call forth a sense of morality and spirituality, that reinforce a respect for life and nature.

4. To promote cultural understanding and exchange between artists and audiences of the various regions and ethnic groupings and to seek ways by which such may be extended to and from other countries as well.

5. To develop and promote the interest of those who work in the fields of the Musical, Visual, Audio-Visual, Terpsichorean, Literary, and Theatre arts, including those who practice such disciplines in a tribal or traditional setting.

6. To promote the general well-being of member artists and their families by seeking and employing ways and means by which their works, products, and skills may be effectively popularized and marketed and by pursuing programs and projects for their benefit.

7. To perform all and everything necessary and proper for the attainment of the purposes above or the furtherance of any of the corporate powers hereby set forth:



1. To accept and receive contributions, donations, and/or endowments from the Government or the public, or from government or private entities or individuals abroad, or deeds, grants, devices, bequests, or gifts, for artistic, cultural, and educational purposes, and for economic projects related to art, culture and education.

2. To administer such contributions, donations, gifts and bequests that may be received for the promotion of the corporation’s aims and to manage the use of all income derived therefrom and use the same according to the purposes of the corporation and in the manner prescribed by the donors.

3. To purchase, hold, mortgage, or sell real estate for artistic, cultural, and educational purposes, subject to the limitations of applicable laws.

4. To hire, make use of, avail of, and otherwise contract the services of persons, businesses, offices, organizations and institutions in the furtherance of the corporation’s purposes.

5. To own and to dispose of any and all kinds of properties according to applicable laws, for the furtherance of the corporation’s purposes.

6. To act as agent, manager, gallery, producer, publisher, sponsor, director, and to otherwise fulfill any and all aesthetic, production and technical functions necessary for the creation, development and popularization of artistic and culture-related work.

7. To actively raise funds for the furtherance of the corporation’s purposes and aims through programs and projects executed by member artists and supporting members and/or employing artistic, cultural, and educational elements.

8. To coordinate, collaborate, and otherwise work hand-in-hand with any and all organizations, institutions, foundations, private or government entities and individuals, whether Filipino or foreign, in furtherance of the corporation’s objectives.

9. To do all such things, transact business, exercise such powers and authority as may be directly or indirectly suitable or proper for the furtherance of the corporation’s objectives and purposes herein enumerated or which shall appear at any time conducive to or expedient for the corporation, it being expressly understood however that, since the purpose of the corporation is purely artistic, educational, humanitarian and philanthropic, it is expressly declared that this is a corporation not for gain or individual profit.

SEC Registration Number DS 01267
SEC, Davao Extension Office
(Certified and Signed, by Authority of the Commission) Supervisor: Gofronio T. Sencio, Jr.